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Creative Process

Here’s how we create our videos – step-by-step process.

1. Brief

The brief is the basis for further work. We ask you a couple questions: what’s the goal of the animation, who’s your audience, what visuals do you enjoy so from the very beginning we exactly know what kind of video fits your story best!

2. Script

We gather all these pieces of information about you, your product and your audience and form it into a solid and powerful message. These create the foundations for a good video.

3. Storyboard

All texts are being turned into images. Simple, yet beatiful sketches that give you an idea of how the animation will move and look like as the final product.

4. Styleframes

Selected frames from the storyboard are drawn in final quality. You’ll get the idea of how the final piece will look like before we start creating all the mandatory illustrations.

5. VoiceOver

We prepare a couple samples of our voiceover actors for you to decide which one fits your brand and the video itself best.

6. Illustrations

All the frames from the storyboard are being drawn into polished arstistic pieces.

7. Animation

We take all the assets from the previous stages and bring them to life! All elements are being animated according to script in an animation software.

8. Music and Sound Effects

Spicing it up with sound effects and music of your choice…

9. Final Files Delivery

And deliver you HD video file that you can start sharing all over your websites and social media!

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