How do we make our videos?

First, we get to know you and your product. Then we get to work on idea generation and scripting. Right after that, we create storyboards and concept art. That gives you a solid understanding of how the animation will look like at the end. After hearing your feedback we move onto the production phase. We illustrate and animate all the characters and scenery. Aaand it’s done! We deliver you final HD video files.

How much does it take to produce an average video?

On average, the production of single video with a duration of 1-2 minutes takes 4-6 weeks. A week for each of the following stages: scripting, storyboarding, creating illustrations and animation.

How much do you charge?!

It’s highly dependable on the length and the style of the video.
Our prices start from 2000 USD per minute of video.
This includes preproduction, illustration, animation and sound effects.

Do you have any questions about our work?

Or if you need a quote for your animation project just fill our universal brief.

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